L’intégration des réfugiés guatémaltèques au Mexique et leur transformation progressive en acteurs autonomes

Edith F. Kauffer Michel


This article looks at the integration of Guatemalan refugees in Mexico from three different angles: a) Integration is a political decision and has to be put in place as a policy; b) It is also the wish of the refugees themselves to stay for good in the country of asylum; c) Integration also refers to an experience of spontaneous integration, a process that comes about from direct interaction between Guatemalans and Mexicans. The policy of integration therefore results in the gradual retreat and disappearance of some of the key players, such as specialized agencies and non-governmental organizations. Faced with these realities, the “ex-refugees,” or new immigrants, take the initiative of setting up their own organizations, which have started to move towards a growing autonomy; this initiative is evidence of their political integration.

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