La dynamique triangulaire dans le processus d’incorporation des demandeurs d’asile, les politiques migratoires et le rôle des organismes communautaires

Jacqueline Oxman-Martinez, Estibaliz Jimenez, Jill Hanley, Isabelle Bohard


This article analyses how the present system for the integration of asylum seekers in Canada, as seen in policies and in actual practice, either facilitates or impedes the integration of asylum seekers right from the moment of their arrival in Quebec. The authors examine how advocates from community organizations perceive the obstacles inherent to the temporary status of asylum seekers. The article further analyses the political dynamics that are entangled in social activities where asylum seekers and members of the host community interact. The study is based on data and results from a literature review and interviews conducted with advocacy groups and representatives of the various levels of government.

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