Contemporary Migration Processes in Russia

I. Orlova, Y. Streltsova, E. Skvortsova


This article, abridged from the Russian
original, was published by the Institute
of Socio-Political Studies of the
Russian Academy of Science, Moscow,
in 1993. Irena Orlova, Y. Streltsova and
E. Skvortsova work in the Department
of Sociology of Migration at the Institute.
Dr. Orlova is the Head of the
Department. The article was translated
by A. Benifand and R. Kovaleva, York
University, and edited by R. Brym,
Professor of Sociology, University of
The article examines the contribution
of migration to Russian population
dynamics, inter-regional
migration flows, the growth of regional
and ethnic separatism, human
rights problems associated with migration,
refugee issues, and the "brain
drain" from Russia. It is based on official
demographic statistics and a wide
range of sociological surveys. It focuses
mainly on the period 1990-93
and contains a brief postscript bringing
the analysis up to date.

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