11. Fiscal Burden Sharing

Amitav Acharya, David B. Dewitt


The authors argue that a reformulated system
of refugee protection must proceed
using a distributive-developmental framework
for fiscal burden sharing. Such a
framework would have to appeal to the
national security interests of donors,
rather than to humanitarian or altruistic
motives. The funds provided should be tied
to concrete, time-specified goals which will
contribute to the well being of refugees.
They argue that this approach should be
pursued parallel to the existing system of
multilateral institutions. The framework
envisions resources being channelled to regional
institutions rather than national
governments. This is a substantially abbreviated
version of the authors' original
work. Please refer to the notice at the end of
this section if you are interested in obtaining
a full copy of the paper, which is expected
to be published in mid-1996.

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