Insecurity in Northern Uganda: Are People Being Given the Protection They Deserve?

Cathy Majtenyi


The civil war between the Uganda Peoples'
Defence Forces (UPDF) and the
Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rages on
in Northern Uganda, leaving behind a
trail of kidnappings, death and destruction
despite measures to protect civilians.
Ultimate security for the Acholi and others
who live in the North will only come
about with an end to the12-year-old conflict,
which would be accomplished by
negotiations between the two sides. Unfortunately,
misinformation -- and a noticeable
lack of information, especially
from the LRA--are major impediments
to determining the war's root causes and
who is responsible for the instability.
This paper argues that, for a successful
end to the war, the government must cease
its propaganda war, which is mainly
being played out in an uncritical and
biased media, and the LRA must be clear
about its message. Honest discussion and
analytical reporting will greatly facilitate
the negotiation process.

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