Globalization, Immigration, and the Gender Implications of l Not Just Numbers in Canada

Jennifer Hyndman


The immigration of refugees in Canada
has always been gendered. Today, the
majority of refugees to this country continue
to be male, while family class immigrants
are more often female. Social
integration and labour market articipation
upon arrival also vary tremendously
by gender, among other factors. The recent
Legislative Review, entitled Not
Just Numbers, has important gender
implications for future immigration to
Canada. The author argues that the proposals
outlined promote economic self sufficiency
and global competitiveness
as the basis for future immigration, refugees
being the sole exception. The Review
is analyzed in relation to Saskia Sassen's
work on globalization, immigration, and
the "new geography of power." The
gendered implications of the Review's
proposals are discussed with specific reference
to refugees, domestic caregivers,
and family class immigrants.

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