Moving From Crisis Reaction to Crisis Respon~e: A Six-Point Non-Violent Alternative to the Bombing Campaign

David Dyck


In this paper, the author argues that
NATO's decision to bomb Yugoslavia
was and is short-sighted. Citing a lack of
historical awareness on the part of Western
decision makers, he relies heavily on
the work of psychodynamics theorist
Joseph Montville in proposing that a
better understanding of "the mind of
Serbia" would lead us to recognize the
folly of our strategy. More specifically,
the author contends that our bombing is
but part of a cycle that is bound to spawn
new rounds of aggression. The author
also articuIates six key components of an
alternative approach. Here, he attempts
to address the question of how we might
use non-violent means to prevent the loss
of life in the short term and, at the same
time, begin the task of building a sustainable,
long-term peace.

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