It Takes a Village: Perspectives from a Multidisciplinary Team Addressing the Needs of HIV+ Refugees in Canada

Heather Mah, Nicole Ives


This study explored the perspectives of a multidisciplinary
team at an HIV clinic in Canada mandated with addressing
the diverse needs experienced by their HIV+ refugee
clients. Specifically, the study sought to identify barriers
and facilitators to effective service provision for refugee
persons living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) in the context of a
multidisciplinary team. Data were acquired using qualitative
methods. Individual interviews were conducted with
a sample of seven service providers who work directly with
HIV+ refugees on a multidisciplinary team at an HIV clinic
in Canada. Respondents identified a need for improved
community services for HIV+ refugees, specifically legal
aid and service from immigration doctors and pharmacies.
Cultural and linguistic issues also shaped respondents’
work with refugees; suggestions for addressing these issues
included HIV-related and culturally competent training.
Implications for policy, practice, and research are included.

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