Common Errors

Preparing Manuscripts: Common Errors

Thank you for your interest in submitting your manuscript to Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees. The journal’s editorial team has created this document to highlight some common errors that occur when preparing manuscripts.

We encourage all authors to review these to avoid delays and costs in the copy-editing process. Where copy-editing costs exceeds normal costs because authors have not followed our style guide, authors will be billed for the excess time.

a) Errors in the placement of endnote references (i.e., superscripts)

  • Placement of superscript note references in the title, author byline, headings, or subheadings. The note references should be moved to an appropriate location in the text of the article and deleted from the display lines. 
  • Placement of two or more note references (i.e., superscripts) at a single location in the text. This is not permitted by either the Chicago Manual of Style or the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. The two (or more) notes must be combined into one. 
  • Placement of notes to tables, figures, photographs, etc., in endnotes to the article. A table, figure, or similar item may have a source note and often has other explanatory notes. These should appear at the base of the table itself, not in endnotes to the article.

b) Errors in citation style

  • Incorrect citation style for basic book and journal citations. Please refer to the appropriate citation manual.
  • Placement of full citations and short forms. Please refer to the appropriate citation manual.
  • Reversal of city and publisher. Please refer to the appropriate citation manual.
  • Omission of the place of publication. Please refer to the appropriate citation manual.
  • “Date accessed” in citation of online sources. Please refer to the appropriate citation manual.

c) Missing biographical statement or abstract

All authors must submit biographical information, including institutional affiliation. This should not exceed over two sentences and must be submitted separately from the manuscript itself. All submissions must include an abstract.