The Internet and the Debasement of Women in Ghana


  • Kwabena Opare Akurang-Parry



In the spring of 1998, a radio station in Ghana announced that sixteen Ghanaian women had appeared in the nude on the Internet. Widely discussed in the Ghanaian media, the public reaction to this event seemed to be largely one of shock and moral outrage. The article addresses both the responses to and possible causes of this phenomenon, drawing attention to the role of foreign influence and harsh economic conditions in Ghana. The patriarchal nature of the national debate is questioned, raising an alternative perspectiveo n the reality currently faced by Ghanaian women.




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Akurang-Parry, K. O. (1998). The Internet and the Debasement of Women in Ghana. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 17(5), 13–16.