Trafficking in Women to Israel and Forced Prostitution


  • Israel Women's Network



The following excerpts have heen extracted from a report of the Israel Women's Network. The Israel Women's Network is a non partisan organization of women, representin a wide range of political opinions and religious outlooks, who seek to improve the status of women in Israel. The interviews and research for the report were done by Martina Vandenberg and Noga Applebaum, conducted between June 1997 and October 1997, throughout Israel. This report is the product of more than 50 interviews with Israeli law enforcement officials, government officials, academics, sex workers, crisis centre workers, Russian consular officials, and local experts.




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Israel Women’s Network, . (1998). Trafficking in Women to Israel and Forced Prostitution. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 17(5), 26–32.