Addressing Relief and Repatriation Needs in Nongovernment-Held Areas: Implications for Policies and Programs

Gayle E. Smith


This paper will examine the existing constraints
to addressing relief and repatriation
needs in nongovernment-held areas
and point to areas of possible change.
Nongovernment-held areas are held by a
force other than a central government
army. In the case of Tigray, these areas
were not only inaccessible to the army of
the former central government of Ethiopia
(GOE), but were also administered
by an opposition force, theTigrayan People's
Liberation Front (TPLF). Relative to
other national liberation movements, the
TPLF's administrative system was quite
developed; in addition, the movement
controlled a wide area encompassing
most of rural Tigray and, by 1988, the
whole of the region. Effective access was
maintained from neighbouring Sudan,
and the Relief Society of Tigray (REST)
operated as an effective disaster management

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