The Canadian Input: The 34th Executive Committee UNHCR Geneva, Oct. 14, 1983


  • J. Alan Beesley



Ambassador J. Alan Beesley, in the opening address to the UNHCR Executive Committee, genuflected approriately to support the High Commissioner's efforts with respect to the fundamental issue of protection and the need to address the root causes of refugee situations as outlined in the Aga Khan's report. Canada focussed on four issues, and it is not clear whether the ordering is significant: repatriation, local integration in countries of asylum, resettlement in third countries, and utilization of traditional settlement assistance to lessen both the likelihood and the impact of refugee situations. Through the work of the subcommittee on protection, Canada assisted in developing a set of principles for the review of manifestly unfounded claims to refugee status, concurred in an agreement on a trial project for rescue at sea to which Canada makes a contribution, and urged continuing effort to develop a policy on preventing military attacks on refugee camps (on which there was no consensus). Canada also supported the promotion of existing legal instruments for the protection of refugees and urged the development of new, flexible and imaginative protection techniques. The review of specific refugee situations around the world was supportive and diplomatic; it was neither analytic nor critical.




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Beesley, . J. A. (1983). The Canadian Input: The 34th Executive Committee UNHCR Geneva, Oct. 14, 1983. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 3(2), 22–23.



Special Section: Refugees in Central America