Protecting Boat People: Reply to David Matas


  • James Bissett Canadian Centre for Policy Studies



Canada, Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, Bill C-4


Reply to David Matas


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Author Biography

James Bissett, Canadian Centre for Policy Studies

James Bissett is a Distinguished Fellow with the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies. He is the former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia where he served from 1990–1992.He was also Ambassador to Bulgaria and Albania. He had diplomatic postings in the Balkans, London and in the Caribbean where he served as Canadian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago from 1985 -1990. He was an Assistantunder Secretary for Social Affairs at the Foreign Ministry in Ottawa. From 1985 -1990 Bissett was Director General of the Canadian Immigration Service. Upon leaving the Foreign Service he served from 1992 -1997 as the Chief of Mission for the International Organization for Migration in Moscow helping the government deal with the thousands of Russians returning from the former countries of the Soviet Union.



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Bissett, J. (2013). Protecting Boat People: Reply to David Matas. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 28(2), 55–56.



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