Creating a "Community of Learners" Through Cultural Mediation: A School's Perspective


  • Patricia Irving Rideau High School
  • Claudia María Vargas University of Vermont and Vermonth Interdisciplinary Leadership, Education for Health Professionals Programme (VT-ILEHP)



immigrant and refugee students, service providers, school, leadership, community, cultural interpreters, Multicultural Liaison Officers


Schools in diverse settings pose leadership challenges with the principal. They also afford opportunities. A principal who asserts a leadership role and takes the risk of reculturing the school engages students and teachers as well as the community at large in the educational endeavor. Through a case study of Rideau High School, Ottawa, this article explores interventions that help build a "community of leamers. " In this case, the principal taps on the uniqueness of the community by linking outside and inside resources in the school through cultural interpreters.



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Irving, P., & Vargas, C. M. (2000). Creating a "Community of Learners" Through Cultural Mediation: A School’s Perspective. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 18(6), 27–33.