I. International Administration

Kathleen Newland, Galina Vitkovskaia


The authors were asked to consider the best
means for international administration of
the proposed reformed system of international
refugee protection. They suggest
that the UNHCR, in its present form,
would not be able to administer the proposed
system. They explore the possible
shape of a successor organization, perhaps
a revamped UNHCR, with secured levels
of funding, a greater vesting of authority
in regional bodies and an enhanced role for
non-state actors, which would actively engage
in refugee determination and allocation
of responsibility for temporary
protection among states. This is a substantially
abbreviated version of the authors'
original work. Please refer to the notice at
the end of this section if you are interested
in obtaining a full copy of the paper, which
is expected to be published in mid-1996.

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