Too Many, Too Long: African Refugee Crisis Revisited

Ogenga Otunnu


Africa is being annihilated by wars, gross
violations of human rights, economic
ruin and ecological disasters. Events in
Somalia, Liberia, Mozambique, Angola,
Zaire, Uganda,the Sudan,Chad, Aigeria,
South Africa, Malawi and Kenya
demonstrate the enormity of this
tragedy. Indeed, many African states are
disintegrating in the wake of these
problems, thus exacerbating the refugee
crisis on the continent. What factors are
responsible for uprooting millions of
refugees and internally displaced
persons from their communities? Why
does the African refugee crisis persist?
Why have the traditional permanent/
durable solutions of voluntary
repatriation, local integration and
resettlement in third countries failed to
address the plights oftoo many refugees
for too long?

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